Chauhan Jewellers v. The Commissioner of Income-tax, Kanpur & another
[Citation -2017-LL-1004]

Citation 2017-LL-1004
Appellant Name Chauhan Jewellers
Respondent Name The Commissioner of Income-tax, Kanpur & another
Relevant Act Income-tax
Date of Order 04/10/2017
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Court No. - 4 Case :- INCOME TAX APPEAL No. - 274 of 2006 Appellant :- M/S Chauhan Jewellers Thru' Authorised Signatory C.P.Chauhan Respondent :- Commissioner Of Income Tax, Kanpur & Another Counsel for Appellant :- Amit Mahajan,Shambhu Chopra Counsel for Respondent :- S.S.C. I.T.,Manu Ghildyal Hon'ble Abhinava Upadhya,J. Hon'ble Ashok Kumar,J. Sri Shambhu Chopra, learned counsel for appellant submits that he has instructions not to press appeal further. It is accordingly dismissed. Sri Manu Ghildyal, learned counsel appears for department. Order Date :- 4.10.2017 SK Srivastava . (Ashok Kumar,J.) (Abhinava Upadhya,J.) Chauhan Jewellers v. Commissioner of Income-tax, Kanpur & another
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