Commissioner of Income-tax-LTU v. IDBI Bank Ltd
[Citation -2020-LL-0123-58]

Citation 2020-LL-0123-58
Appellant Name Commissioner of Income-tax-LTU
Respondent Name IDBI Bank Ltd.
Relevant Act Income-tax
Date of Order 23/01/2020
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4. os itxa 1982-17.doc R.M. AMBERKAR (Private Secretary) IN HIGH COURT OF JUDICATURE AT BOMBAY O.O.C.J. INCOME TAX APPEAL NO. 1982 OF 2017 Commissioner of Income Tax - LTU .. Appellant Versus IDBI Bank Ltd .. Respondent Mr. Tejveer Singh for Appellant Mr. S.R. Mody a/w Ms. Aasifa Khan for Respondent CORAM : UJJAL BHUYAN & MILIND N. JADHAV, JJ. DATE : JANUARY 23, 2020. P.C.: 1. Following our decision in Income Tax Appeal No. 1679 of 2017 (Commissioner of Income Tax - LTU Vs. IDBI Bank Ltd) decided on 24.1.2020, this appeal is also dismissed. [ MILIND N. JADHAV, J. ] [ UJJAL BHUYAN, J. ] Digitally signed by Ravindra Ravindra M. Amberkar M. Date: Amberkar 2020.01.24 11:02:07 +0530 1 of 1 Commissioner of Income-tax-LTU v. IDBI Bank Ltd
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