The Federal Bank Ltd. v. The Commissioner of Income-tax
[Citation -2019-LL-1003-19]

Citation 2019-LL-1003-19
Appellant Name The Federal Bank Ltd.
Respondent Name The Commissioner of Income-tax
Relevant Act Income-tax
Date of Order 03/10/2019
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IN SUPREME COURT OF INDIA INHERENT JURISDICTION Review Petition (C) Nos 2136-2144 of 2019 in Special Leave Petition (C) Nos 11693/2019, 11760/2019, 11874/2019, 11907/2019, 11937/2019, 11964/2019, 12111/2019, 12170/2019, 12210/2019 Federal Bank Ltd Petitioner(s) Versus Commissioner of Income Tax Respondent(s) ORDER We have carefully gone through review petitions and connected papers. We find no merit in review petitions and same are accordingly dismissed. J. [Dr Dhananjaya Y Chandrachud] J. [Hemant Gupta] New Delhi; October 03, 2019 Signature Not Verified Digitally signed by SANJAY KUMAR Date: 2019.10.04 17:20:24 IST Reason: ITEM NO.1004 SECTION XI-A SUPREME COURT OF INDIA RECORD OF PROCEEDINGS R.P.(C) No. 2136-2144/2019 in SLP(C) No. 11693/2019, 11760/2019, 11874/2019, 11907/2019, 11937/2019, 11964/2019,12111/2019,12170/2019,12210/2019 FEDERAL BANK LTD Petitioner(s) VERSUS COMMISSIONER OF INCOME TAX Respondent(s) Date : 03-10-2019 These petitions were circulated today. CORAM : HON'BLE DR. JUSTICE D.Y. CHANDRACHUD HON'BLE MR. JUSTICE HEMANT GUPTA By Circulation UPON perusing papers Court made following ORDER review petitions are dismissed in terms of signed order. Pending application, if any, stands disposed of. (SANJAY KUMAR-I) (SAROJ KUMARI GAUR) AR-CUM-PS COURT MASTER (Signed order is placed on file) Federal Bank Ltd. v. Commissioner of Income-tax
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