Pooja Sahu v. The Assistant Commissioner of Income-tax 1(20)
[Citation -2019-LL-0927-43]

Citation 2019-LL-0927-43
Appellant Name Pooja Sahu
Respondent Name The Assistant Commissioner of Income-tax 1(20)
Relevant Act Income-tax
Date of Order 27/09/2019
Judgment View Judgment
Keyword Tags non-compliance • condonation of delay • restoration of appeal

1 MCC-2443-2019 High Court Of Madhya Pradesh MCC-2443-2019 (MRS. POOJA SAHU Vs ASSISTANT COMMISSIONER OF INCOME TAX 1 (20) 1 Jabalpur, Dated : 27-09-2019 Shri Mukesh Agrawal, Advocate for applicant. Heard on I.A. No.11982/2019 for condonation of delay. We are satisfied with reasons assigned in said application. Accordingly, I.A. is allowed. Delay is condoned. Heard on main case. Since justifiable reasons are assigned for non-compliance of common conditional order. Office order dismissing appeal is recalled. ITA No.161/2018 is restored to its original number. Accordingly, M.C.C is disposed of. typed copy of this order be kept in record of ITA No.161/2018. (SUJOY PAUL) (B. K. SHRIVASTAVA) JUDGE JUDGE Vin** Digitally signed by VINOD SHARMA Date: 01/10/2019 15:39:47 Pooja Sahu v. Assistant Commissioner of Income-tax 1(20)
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