The Commissioner of Income-tax v. S.K. Jain
[Citation -2017-LL-0718-2]

Citation 2017-LL-0718-2
Appellant Name The Commissioner of Income-tax
Respondent Name S.K. Jain
Relevant Act Income-tax
Date of Order 18/07/2017
Judgment View Judgment
Keyword Tags condonation of delay

MCC-1595-2017 (THE COMMISSIONER OF INCOME TAX Vs M/S S.K. JAIN) 18-07-2017 Shri Sanjay Lal, Advocate for petitioner. This application has been filed for restoration of ITA No. 72/2013 which has been dismissed due to non-compliance of peremptory order passed by this Court. There being some delay in filing of application, IA No. 9072/2017 has been filed seeking condonation of delay in filing of application. Keeping in view reasons given in application and finding them to bonafide, both applications are allowed. Delay in filing application for restoration is allowed and restoration application itself is allowed. ITA No. 72/2013 is restored to its original number. It be placed for orders before appropriate Bench. Application stands allowed and disposed of. (S.K. SETH) (SMT. ANJULI PALO) JUDGE JUDGE rao Commissioner of Income-tax v. S.K. Jain
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