Vardhman Polymers Pvt Ltd v. CIT
[Citation -2017-LL-0523-31]

Citation 2017-LL-0523-31
Appellant Name Vardhman Polymers Pvt Ltd
Respondent Name CIT
Relevant Act Income-tax
Date of Order 23/05/2017
Judgment View Judgment

HIGH COURT OF JUDICATURE FOR RAJASTHAN BENCH AT JAIPUR D.B. Income Tax Appeal No. 290 / 2005 M/S Vardhman Polymers Pvt Ltd ----Appellant Versus CIT ----Respondent For Appellant(s) : Mr. Ashish Sharma For Respondent(s) : Mr. Anuroop Singhi with Mr. Aditya Vijay HON'BLE MR. JUSTICE K.S. JHAVERI HON'BLE DR. JUSTICE VIRENDRA KUMAR MATHUR Order 23/05/2017 Counsel for appellant submits that appeal has become academic. appeal is dismissed as not pressed. (VIRENDRA KUMAR MATHUR),J. (K.S. JHAVERI),J. A.Sharma/4 Vardhman Polymers Pvt Ltd v. CIT
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