C.I.T. Kolkata v. Barooahs & Associates (P) Ltd
[Citation -2015-LL-0209-19]

Citation 2015-LL-0209-19
Appellant Name C.I.T. Kolkata
Respondent Name Barooahs & Associates (P) Ltd.
Relevant Act Income-tax
Date of Order 09/02/2015
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IN HIGH COURT AT CALCUTTA Special Jurisdiction (Income Tax) Original Side Present : Hon ble Justice Girish Chandra Gupta And Hon ble Justice Arindam Sinha 09.02 2015 ITA 260 of 2005 C.I.T, Kolkata Vs. Barooahs & Associates (P). Ltd. Mr. R.K. Chowdhury, Advocate for appellant Court :- appeal was presented on or about lst July, 2005. Thereafter no steps were taken. appeal has not been admitted nor was any attempt made to have it admitted. On 20th June, 2014 this Court directed matter to be listed for dismissal. On 10.09.2014 prayer was made for leave to file supplementary affidavit. Such leave was granted but nothing was filed. On 20th January, 2015 direction was issued for service but Revenue did not care to carry out order. Today again Mr. Chowdhury prayed for adjournment. We are unable to accede to such prayer. Revenue, we are satisfied, is not interested in prosecuting appeal which is accordingly dismissed. (Girish Chandra Gupta, J.) (Arindam Sinha, J.) ANC. 2 C.I.T. Kolkata v. Barooahs & Associates (P) Ltd
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