Commissioner Of Income-tax v. M/S Khurja Development Authority
[Citation -2015-LL-0112-12]

Citation 2015-LL-0112-12
Appellant Name Commissioner Of Income-tax
Respondent Name M/S Khurja Development Authority
Relevant Act Income-tax
Date of Order 12/01/2015
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Court No.-32 Case :- INCOME TAX APPEAL No.-267 of 2014 Appellant:- Commissioner Of Income Tax Respondent :- M/S Khurja Development Authority Counsel for Appellant :-Dhananjay Awasthi,S.C. Hon'ble Tarun Agarwala,J. Hon'ble Dr. Satish Chandra,J. Vakalatnama filed by Shri Ashish Bansal on behalf of Khurja Development Authority is taken on record. After hearing learned counsel for appellant at some length, we find that controversy involved in present appeal is squarely covered by decision of this Court in Commissioner of Income Tax vs. Lucknow Development Authority (2014) 98 DTR (All) 193 decided on 16.9.2013. In light of aforesaid, appeal fails and is accordingly dismissed. Order Date :- 12.1.2015 Anurag/- (Dr. Satish Chandra, J.) (Tarun Agarwala, J.) Commissioner Of Income-tax v. M/S Khurja Development Authority
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