Subramaniam Vadivel v. Asstt. Commnr. of Income-tax
[Citation -2013-LL-1122-182]

Citation 2013-LL-1122-182
Appellant Name Subramaniam Vadivel
Respondent Name Asstt. Commnr. of Income-tax
Relevant Act Income-tax
Date of Order 22/11/2013
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ITEM NO.3 COURT NO.13 SECTION IIIA SUPREME COURT OF INDIA RECORD OF PROCEEDINGS I.A. No. 1 in Petition(s) for Special Leave to Appeal (Civil) No(s).17128/2013 (From judgement and order dated 15/04/2013 in MP No.1/2013,TCA No.136/2013 of HIGH COURT OF MADRAS) SUBRAMANIAM VADIVEL Petitioner(s) VERSUS ASSTT. COMMNR. OF INCOME TAX Respondent(s) (With appln(s) for clarification and office report) Date: 22/11/2013 This Petition was called on for hearing today. CORAM : HON'BLE MR. JUSTICE ANIL R. DAVE HON'BLE MR. JUSTICE DIPAK MISRA For Petitioner(s) Mr. Shankar Naryanan, Adv. Mr. Gaurav Agrawal, Adv. For Respondent(s) UPON hearing counsel Court made following ORDER Heard learned counsel for petitioner. We modify order dated 10.05.2013 to effect that amount which was made payable by High Court shall be paid before 31st August, 2013 and not entire tax amount as construed by respondent. With above directions, I.A.No. 1 is disposed of. |(Jayant Kumar Arora) | |(Sneh Bala Mehra) | |Sr. P.A. | |Court Master | Subramaniam Vadivel v. Asstt. Commnr. of Income-tax
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