Commissioner of Income-tax­-I v. Tejmalbhai And Co
[Citation -2009-LL-0918-101]

Citation 2009-LL-0918-101
Appellant Name Commissioner of Income-tax­-I
Respondent Name Tejmalbhai And Co
Relevant Act Income-tax
Date of Order 18/09/2009
Judgment View Judgment
Keyword Tags substantial question of law

TAXAP/732/2009 1/1 ORDER IN HIGH COURT OF GUJARAT AT AHMEDABAD TAX APPEAL No. 732 of 2009 With TAX APPEAL No. 899 of 2009 With TAX APPEAL No. 708 of 2009 COMMISSIONER OF INCOME TAX I Appellant(s) Versus TEJMALBHAI AND CO Opponent(s) Appearance : MR MR BHATT SR. ADV. with MRS MAUNA M BHATT for Appellant(s) : 1, None for Opponent(s) : 1, CORAM : HONOURABLE CHIEF JUSTICE MR. K.S.RADHAKRISHNAN and HONOURABLE MR.JUSTICE ANANT S. DAVE Date : 18/09/2009 ORAL ORDER (Per : HONOURABLE CHIEF JUSTICE MR. K.S.RADHAKRISHNAN) Heard learned counsel for Revenue. No substantial question of law does arise in these appeals. Accordingly, all these appeals stand dismissed. (K.S.RADHAKRISHNAN, C.J.) (ANANT S. DAVE, J.) Commissioner of Income-tax-I v. Tejmalbhai And Co
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